Relax outdoors in a 4-point hammock for a stationary hammock experience. Traditional hammocks swing with the breeze because of their two point design–one point of attachment at each end to a tree, post, stand or other object. The stationary hammock offers an alternative to the traditional swinging hammock. Also called camping hammocks or portable hammocks, these comfortable hammocks have attachments from each of the four corners to a hammock stand, which provides a motionless hammock nest.

Several types of fabric stationary hammocks are available. Heavy duty models take up permanent residence whether backyard or beachfront. Lightweight camping hammocks fold up and fit into a backpack for hiking to campsites. Portable hammocks fold up and travel easily in a car or RV. Four point hammock lounges provide comfortable, relaxing furniture for landscaped yards and poolside patios.

Another alternative to the traditional swinging hammock is the fabric or rope 3-point hammock, which offers less movement than traditional models by design. Three point hammocks suspend from special stands which contain two points of attachment on one end and one point of attachment on the center of the other end. The resulting balance created by a 3-point hammock provides a mild sway movement.

A final alternative to the traditional swinging hammock is to modify a fabric or rope 2-point hammock. Two sets of tie down straps stabilize a traditional hammock when connected from each corner of the hammock to the base of the hammock stand. The use of tie down straps results in the look of a traditional hammock with the function of a hammock lounge.

If the enjoyment of nature or a gentle ocean breeze beckons you outdoors to relax in a hammock, don’t let motion stop you from enjoying relaxation; try a 4-point hammock, a 3-point hammock or a modified 2-point hammock. Have a relaxing day.