With such a wide range of bags for everyday or evening use, it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate style for the intended use. It is much easier to travel in style and comfort with the right canvas or leather bag in place. Here are four of the popular bag shapes and styles:


The baguette is a relatively narrow handbag that is quite small but has the greater size from side to side. This bag gets its name from the French loaf of bread baguette because it resembles its shape. It is great as a casual everyday handbag with the designer bags made from leather and metal. Most of the bags have zippered pockets and a magnetic clasp for ease in securing and organizing the content. A typical baguette bag can measure 10-inch in length by 4.25-inch in height and have a removable strap for ease in carrying over the shoulder or as a hand-held clutch.


The backpack is secured in place with two straps that go over the shoulders with the pack resting on the upper back area. Any decent quality backpack has padded straps for extra comfort and to stop them causing discomfort to the top of the arms. Provided the backpack is worn correctly with the weight evenly distributed across the neck, shoulder and body area, there is less likelihood of injuries in these areas compared to carrying a heavy briefcase. The backpack is available in plenty of styles and materials with leather and canvas popular choices to make a great fashion accessory.


The messenger is a spacious bag with a large, central compartment with a cross-body strap that is worn over the front. Whether you walk or bike to work, the messenger is great for hauling a lot of supplies with complete ease. It is simply an over-sized purse that gives great versatility for everyday use. There is also a smaller version of the messenger called a courier bag.


The bowler bag was inspired by the look and size of the traditional bags that were used to carry the real bowling balls. This bag has a dome-like shape that gives it plenty of space to easily accept a wallet, cosmetics case, diary and laptop. This handbag is quite sizable and measures in the region of 12-inch by 10-inch by 5-inch. The most stylish bowler bag has a leather exterior with metal plated details.