If you are in a fix of how to spend your summer vacations, than we have an exciting solution for you. Don’t waste anymore time and pack your rucksack for an amazing Himalayan vacation. Himalayan mountain ranges has an endless array of options to make your trip a memorable one. Instead of simply enjoying the salubrious environment of Himalayas, you can try out some zestful activities here.

Himalayas, one of the youngest mountain range of world is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. The snowy Himalayan mountain ranges are located at the northern fringe of India. It has some barren mountainous region such as Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul and Spiti as well as some green pastures like Kumaon and Garwhal valley, foothills of lower eastern Himalayas which are renowned as trekker’s paradise.

Don’t be satisfy with trekking only. Himalaya has lots more things to offer. The snowy glaciers and mountains of Himalayas are the origin of numerous untamed rivers of India such as river Ganges, Satluj, Chenab, Sindh, Drass, Indus,Alaknanda, Teesta, Jhelum and many more hilly rivers. The untamed nature and twist and turns of these rivers creates an exhilarating atmosphere for white water rafting. Beside White water rafting, Himalayan rivers also offers excellent opportunity for canoeing and kayaking. These two water sports are also very thrilling and eco-friendly in nature. Kayaking is just like backpacking on an off beaten path. It provides the best opportunity for sports lovers to feel the aura of nature whereas canoeing is quiet a unique combination of exploration. Canoes are very small in size and can accommodate at least two people with their gear. It is usually practiced on those lakes and rivers, which have flat and still water.

Every year the high snow-capped mountain peaks of Himalayas beckons thousands of mountaineers from across the globe and its a dream of every mountaineer to conquer the high slopes of Himalayas. These mountaineers comes here with a earnest desire to register their name in the list of legends like Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norway and many more who had successfully climbed the mighty Himalayas. Some of the world famous mountain peaks of Himalayas are Kanchenjunga,

Another popular adventure activity on Himalayas is skiing. Skiers from all over the world has attracted towards Himalayas as a new virgin location for skiing and snowboarding. Following the path of western countries, skiing has rapidly caught the attention of Indian adventure enthusiasts also. The vast snow covered land of Himalayas has a plethora skiing sites such as Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, Auli, Dayara Bugyal and Mundali in Garwhal valley, Munsiyari in Kumaon valley, Manali, Kufri and Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh. These are the excellent skiing zones of India. The ideal time for skiing on Himalayas is in the month of March and April when the weather is more settled. Every year, Indian government organizes Skiing competitions in Gulmarg to popularize skiing in India.

You can even try out your hand in rock climbing, camping, mountain biking, cycling, fishing and angling, jeep and jungle safaris. These kind of adventure activities will bring you close to the nature. There are some more adventure activities which are still in their infancy but are very interesting to indulge in. Such as motor rallying, para gliding, hang gliding etc.

Get ready to experience all these afore mentioned adventure activities, so that these memories can linger in heart for ever.