The fact is that humankind has neither the tools nor the technology to enable projection. What if the scientific world took an interest in astral projection? What if a scientist invented a tool that could enable everybody, even the least spiritually developed person, to project at will and explore the astral realms? Would humankind abuse this gift as it has abused the knowledge of atomic power?

One or all of the following might happen if such a tool were to be discovered.

1. Crumbling of world establishments

Life on earth is dependent on ignorance of the future. If everybody could project at will, ignorance of the future would be dispelled.

Since the astral planes transcend space and time, one could easily foresee the future of the stock market, lottery and race results, outcomes of sports events, and so on. World economy would teeter and collapse. What if one could foresee the results of an election? No wonder, the idea of projection is unpalatable to political parties, giant companies, and sports organizers. They would do everything in their power to prevent the popularization of astral projection.

2. Crumbling of major religious beliefs

Astral experiences would prove beyond doubt that there is neither heaven nor hell, two concepts the Semitic religions thrive on. Although Christianity has remained silent on astral traveling, it certainly wouldn’t accept something that poses a threat to its very foundations.

3. Listless living

The less spiritually developed among us would lose an interest in daily living after viewing the wonders of astral planes. In truth, life one earth teaches valuable lessons that the other planes cannot teach, which is why one has to live it. However, after visiting the astral world, people might feel that there is no need to sweat it out on earth. This would lead to listless living or suicide.

Undeveloped souls could use an astral traveling device just as they would use an addictive drug…to get away from the harsh realities of life.

There are two major advantages of astral traveling…enhanced healing and easy traveling. First, people would find it easier to heal their diseases. Signs of a disease appear first in astral bodies before manifesting in physical ones. And curing the astral body is always easier and quicker than curing the physical.

Traveling would become cheaper, easier, and more fun. Not only can you visit the beautiful places of the world, but you can also travel to a different historical era. If this doesn’t appeal to you, zoom to Jupiter or check out the latest on Moon. The sky is literally the limit. What’s more, you can travel free of charge. Since this will put all the travel companies out of businesses, they wouldn’t approve of astral projection either.

The world has still to develop spiritually before astral projection can be widely accepted as a natural phenomenon. Only then, we might expect an astral projection tool or device, which humankind might not abuse. As of now, any discoveries in the field of astral projection will be jealously guarded by power-hungry clergymen, politicians, and businessmen and prevented from reaching the public.