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San Mai steel knives are made by a couple of manufactures and in a few different blade designs. A knife made from San Mai steel is usually of very high quality because of the construction and care required to produce the blade steel. San Mai steel blades contain a hard center steel that is wrapped with a tougher flexible outer core. By wrapping these different types of steels gives San Mai blades a sandwich like look that helps to provide great flexibility and toughness giving you a knife that keeps a sharp edge longer than most other steels.

sanmaisteel.gif?a=31The extra care required to produce San Mai blades causes an increase in price over standard steels but you’ll sharpen knives less which will increase the life of your knife. Two popular knife manufactures that currently use San Mai steel on some of their knives are SOG and Cold Steel. SOG produces folding San Mai knives like the Vulcan Series while Cold Steel produces fixed blade San Mai steel knives in a variety of styles. The style of knife blade designs range from the tanto end to drop point.

Folding San Mai Steel Knife

sogmai.jpg?a=13A folding San Mai knife like the SOG Vulcan works great as an every day carry (EDC) knife because of the increased flexibility and strength of the steel. From cutting rope to slicing wire a San Mai blade out performs a majority of the standard knife steels available on most EDC. Depending on blade design you’ll also find some folding blade San Mai knives that work well as a tactical knife.

Combat San Mai Knives

peace.jpg?a=99San Mai blades work well in combat situations because the softness of the blades helps to prevent breaking that can occur in harder thus weaker steels. Hard steel is brittle and has a tendency to break under extreme stress situations like the ones that occur when you’re in battle. You’ll also appreciate the edge holding ability of the San Mai steels in a combat knife because you won’t have to spend precious off time sharpening your knife. A popular San Mai combat knife is the Cold Steel Peace Keeper I Knife or its high quality steel and universal combat design.

Outdoor and Hunting San Mai Knives

outdoorsmen.jpg?a=1Outdoor knives made from San Mai steel like the Cold Steel Outdoorsmen offer you amazing strength to cut through anything that you’ll encounter in the wild. The San Mai steel is great for the outdoors because you won’t find yourself with a broken knife if you try to cut through things like high gauge steel wire. Cold Steel’s Outdoorsmen is a great example of an outdoors knife in San Mai with a 6″ blade and tested by Cold Steel to perform on under the toughest conditions this knife is sure to please the toughest outdoorsman.

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