Excess Baggage Shipping Australia

Do you need an international shipping and freight forwarding company that no matter what the size, whatever the distance and how little the time, EZI Shipping Australia Can get it down for you wherever you are?

EZI Shipping Freight baggage, luggage or personal effects, are terms used to describe items of personal property that you own and consign for shipment overseas. With a national network of over 150 EZI Shipping Freight service centers, no other company in Australia offers the same breadth of services to the international traveler. Delivery and freight options include both sea and air freight. Send excess baggage overseasHow to send excess baggage overseas |Send extra luggage overseasSend luggageShipping luggage internationally

Whether you’re visiting for a few days on business or have accumulated a large amount of personal effects during a study year, EZI Shipping Freight offers a range of personalized excess luggage services to meet the needs of:

  • international university students
  • international backpackers
  • visiting tourists on holidays
  • corporate business people with deadlines

We can assist with packing your goods for a safe journey, even if they are fragile or awkwardly shaped.

Airline Baggage Service

Compare our costs with the options offered by commercial airlines to see why it makes sense to use EZI Shipping Freight to get your excess luggage home. Cheap freight shipping

Air Freight or Sea Freight

Find out the difference between shipping via air freight and sea freight and we can advise on the best service solution to meet your time and cost requirements. Cheap international shipping

Door to Door or Door to Depot

EZI Shipping Freight offers the options to have your excess luggage delivered directly to the door at its destination, or you can organize for pick up from the receiving depot. International freight

Excess Baggage FAQs

Excess Baggage Shipping Australia

We are the experts in shipping goods worldwide, regardless of size and weight, and can offer a solution to any issue you may come across with tax, customs and security issues

Excess Baggage to USA

Our network of international couriers, freight forwarders and delivery capabilities means EZI Shipping Freight  is able to comply with security directives and ship your personal goods and household items to the US.

Find Out More About Our Services for Shipping Personal Goods

Whether it is computers, books, equipment, clothes, or other indispensable items that won’t fit in an overhead locker, talk to EZI Shipping Freight about how we can custom pack your personal effects and get them home safely. Text Us 0450 617 447 ( 0450 61SHIP) send an online enquiry or visit one of our service center’s for helpful advice.

Excess Baggage Shipping Australia

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