Feng Shui. It is usually thought of for permanent homes and buildings. What however about trailers – be they in trailer parks or even for travel. Don’t these dwellings or temporary residences not deserve the benefits of the practices and disciplines of Feng Shui as well?

To benefit from Feng Shui, all homes must have a connection to the earth, mother earth, which is well grounded and have strength as well as firmness. Traditional homes typically have either a slab or crawl space foundation to connect them to the solid Earth. Both of these types of foundations require footings to be dug into the earth and then be filled with cement or other types of foundation materials. Obviously this is what trailer homes lack. However if some type of permanent or even semi permanent foundation can be made then the inhabitants or travelers can enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui with all of its inherent luck and powers. All said and done these practices could even be employed for the travelers on a large Greyhound style bus tour.

Adding a foundation can be easy enough if the trailer is of a more permanent nature – a stationary object – either in a trailer park or perhaps as a summer vacation cottage. Putting on a foundation makes the home more “rooted”, solid and substantial. The Feng Shui of its inhabitants and visitors will be greatly improved and enhanced simply by putting the dwelling on its solid footings.

However what about a travel or vacation trailer. How can these holiday vehicles – a home away from home, or a long stay extended stay residence room for a family or travel party be given solid footing and permanence. First most travel trailers have built into them stands and levelers to support the foundation of your trailer. Use them. In addition you can place some kind of covering around the base of your mobile excursion unit. The key is not to have the underside of your holiday caravan open and exposed. Otherwise energy will past your recreational touring transport. Otherwise vital Feng Shui energy and energies will whisk and move quickly by your life and travels.

By doing so you will provide your trailer with another excellent way to provide a grounding element. Light and vital energy – all to enhance your journeys, voyages and wayfaring, abound deep within the globe, something that outdoor lighting symbolizes.

The goals of this whole exercise is get “Chi” into the front door of your home – which is this case is your trailer – be it a permanent fixture or a vacation highway bound trailer. The front door to any home can be considered of primary importance – the very “mouth of Chi”. Hence the front door, which is perhaps the only door on your wandering recreation vehicle, is a critical area when it comes to Feng Shui, and the practice and discipline of Feng Shui. This is where the energy enters – or worse – does not enter your home away from home.

Making a few changes, with the wisdom and powers of Feng Shui can make all the difference in the world. No reason to live in a trailer -whether it be a permanent dwelling or a travel, touring recreational holiday vehicle and not have these wonderful benefits to your life as well as the lives of friends and family. Feng Shui.