The UPS shipping calculator is a very handy tool. There are different companies that have domestic and international shipping charges. They consider different elements like the duties and taxes that you are required to pay. International charges also differ for commercial or residential shipping. This is mainly because they have local units that forward their packages. The charges for commercial delivery in a different country and residential delivery may vary. That’s why it is a good idea to use a calculator.

What you need to make UPS shipping calculator work:

It works exceptionally well and requires some basic information about the address of the origin of the shipment and its destination. A very important piece of information is the zip codes. These allow the calculator to estimate the distance the package will travel.

Also the number of packages, their total size along with the weight is required. The final input of data would be the type of service required. This means the delivery time that the packet should arrive at the destination. There are holidays, weekend and timelines to be taken into account.

Also required is the commercial or residential nature of the address. This does not affect the cost of your shipping. It simply assists the delivery personnel in knowing where to leave your package.

UPS Calculator for Domestic Shipping

Along with using it for international shipping, you can use it for domestic shipping as well. When you are shipping commercially, you need to know the freight class. This allows you to classify the commodity that you are transporting. Any perishable item or living item would require special needs. The elements that come into this category could include plants, dry food, electronics that are sensitive and mechanical equipment. Also you might want to consider insurance coverage. If you’re shipping commercially then you can simply insure the package. However, it is advisable for all types of shipping to keep you covered in the event of a mishap.

How to Use the UPS Shipping Calculator

It is very easy to calculate and create your own UPS shipping calculator. Simply by using HTML you can have a regular calculator on your desktop. This allows you to easily assess the cost from your business or home. If you’re a regular user of the UPS shipping service then it comes in very handy. You can input the variables and when you have to print the label, you can submit the code to UPS. However, you will require a developer’s key for some of the information, which you can acquire if you register with myUPS. So, make the right use of this utility.