Each one of us has varied experiences of travel in life. Some are etched with interesting characters while some fade from our memory after the travel. Here, some of the strange incidents during travel are shared for your view.

Bus journey. A young woman boarded the almost-empty town bus and requested another lady to give way for occupying the window seat. Promptly did the second lady conceded. However, she felt discomfort in space and asked, ” Why you are particular about sitting here while other seats are vacant and more comfortable?” The newcomer retorted, “I have right to sit anywhere. Who are you to question me! Mind your words.”

Stubborn smoker. It was a van climbing the ghat road in India. The passengers were enjoying the cool breeze and the thrilling ride on a narrow road with steep slopes overlooking the valley below. The music started playing in the van while some engaged in chitchats. After about 5 KM trip, one person started smoking much to the disliking of other travellers. An elderly person asked the smoker to stop the cigar at once as the women and children felt suffocating. The head-weighted smoker refused by saying “I smoke by investing my money for my pleasure. Why should I waste my puff.’ Another person intervened as ” if that is the case, why do you waste the smoke, you keep it within you to get the full benefit.” Now, the smoker got disgusted and had no choice but threw out the cigarette.

Interest in freebies. After landing at the destination, two officials of a company reached their hotel for the night stay. Immediately after checking into the room the older of them started picking up the complimentary toiletry kit kept by the hotel and told his colleague, “Sir, You can have the freebie the next day as I took the same today.” However, the other fellow said, “No issue. Have all of them for you, but leave the comb for me.” Because the first guy was bald-headed.

Cheater cock. The bus conductor persuaded the passengers to get the tickets as there would be a checking-squad at the next stop. The moment the bus halted at the next place, the squad members did their duty by calling for the tickets for everyone inside the bus. One woman had neither the ticket nor any reason to explain her situation. Instead, she queried, “Why do you always catch hold of me leaving others?”

Indicator lamp. I was riding my bike with the rear lamp on as I was about to take a right turn after some distance. Suddenly, a motorcycle overtook mine and slowed down in front of me. The Sardarji sitting on that vehicle cautioned me with all sincerity, ‘Sir, Your rear lamp is on.” I replied, “Yeah, Going to turn right.”

Life is a journey passing through good and bad stops, but the destination is only one.