Cargo theft is a horrendous crime because not only it cause inconvenience to the company maintaining the cargo, but it also worries the people whose cargo was being transferred. Cargo companies are not new to the theft of their shipments, as it was revealed in a report by Trucking Info that around 40% of the cargo holds are lost to the robbers. Moreover, it was disclosed that the majority of the thefts related to cargo hold rises in the holiday seasons.

Additionally, the cargo theft costs the company to lose around billions of dollars. But the loss of money is nothing compared to the loss of shipment because the clients and customers had trusted the company with their items and belongings which the cargo corporation failed to protect.

The trucks that deliver the shipment are so large that they cannot be kept hidden from the prying eyes, but there are many tips that can be utilized for cargo theft prevention so that one can easily keep the trust of their clients intact.

The tips, though ordinary, but once utilized can save the cargo from being stolen.

Putting the Environment to Use

No one can prevent the theft of their cargo, but one can put their surroundings to use to prevent this wicked thing from happening. It can be achieved by stopping for whatever reason and parking your truck at a well-lit and heavily utilized route to keep the thieves away. Furthermore, the truck driver can park their truck in such a way that the back door becomes inaccessible. This can be accomplished by parking the rear end of the truck against a wall or some other ride so that it becomes hardly accessible.

Usage of Tracking Devices

Another method for cargo theft prevention is the usage of tracking devices installed in the cargo holds of the trucks. A tracking device concealed in a way that it remains hidden from the thieves will help the people in tracking their cargo even in the unpleasant case of cargo theft. The authorities waiting for the cargo to arrive can keep a close eye on the route of the shipment, and if the truck heads towards an unfamiliar or undesignated path than the authorities can alert the police enforcement on such matters.

Proper Training of the Staff

Since the cargo theft has been on the rise, different maneuvers have been adopted by the drivers in a bid to prevent the cargo from being stolen. But the technological advancement has made the thieves adopt sophisticated methods to strike. Many of such people have turned to the forging of the authentic papers and the duplication of the identifications to carry the shipment from the warehouses to their desired places in plain sight.

Unfortunately, this method has been on the rise, with many of the gangs being successful in their attempts. But this too can be avoided by training your staff on the matter of forgery and duplication in a way that they can easily identify the forged documents from the authentic ones, thus saving the cargo from warehouse thefts.

Many of the cargo companies have started to put these tips to use to prevent their cargo from being stolen. But for many of the startups and established cargo companies, the cargo security is still an issue. They can either train their staff by utilizing these tips or can hire someone to overlook their cargo shipments for them.