Shipping to Mexico can be done through number of ways. There are also some procedure, rules and regulations to ship your packages/goods to Mexico. As Mexico is part of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) agreement, it is easier to ship your packages when compared to other countries. Now let’s see how to ship a product to Mexico.

Some basic procedures to shipping to Mexico:

  • You have to submit the NAFTA FACTS document 8401 providing the required details about your package/goods to Mexico.
  • Labeling should be perfect according to the Mexican labeling requirement which comes under NAFTA FACTS document 1602.
  • Check whether your product is subject to NOM. Which means you have to get the certificate of compliances with NOMs, that your product is not anyway create a harmful or health issues.
  • You have to get certificate of origin for your goods from NAFTA.
  • For custom clearance, you have to produce free sale certificate for some particular goods.
  • Final step is the custom clearance

As a final stage the custom broker or the service company will check your entire provided certificate. Later they will approve your goods for shipping to Mexico.

Here comes, custom clearance is not an easy deal. Initially the custom broker should certify that your product is not broken and the condition is good. This comes under deconsolidation. Then the pre examination takes place as the shipping goods and the goods mentioned in the provided documents are same. The automated manifest system takes place as a next step, in that if red light blinks your goods are under further custom clearance. If green light blinks, your goods qualified for shipping without further examination. Finally, custom examination takes place for red mark goods. Here they carefully check all the details and certificates provided by the exporter. This particular examination takes place for minimum of three hours and the goods again check with the automated manifest system. This time if the red light blinks, they never reconsider the product again to shipping to Mexico.