The bunkhouse travel trailers are among the most popular campers in the RV industry at this time. They are an assortment of different configurations that allow multiple sleeping areas for those looking to sleep more than six people.

The new Dutchmen 261 BHS travel trailer has been designed to be similar to an older floor plan. The changes they made are only in the rear of the camper. From the dining and galley area forward it is the same as the old 265 model.

They flipped the bunks to the opposite side of the travel trailer which allowed the bathroom to be placed on the door side of the camper. By doing this it allowed access to the bathroom from the outside. This makes it very convenient to use the bathroom without going through the entire coach to get there. While some really like this, some people prefer not having the door. If this is the case, then the 265 model would be the better choice.

The advantage to this new floor plan is that the bunk size has increased dramatically and at the same time has a rear cargo door that has been a hit. The bottom bunk is hinged so that it will fold up against the side wall. This allows the new cargo door, which is quite sizable, to give you access to a huge storage space. Experience campers know how important that this type of storage is.

Bicycles, coolers, and other large items are placed into the travel trailer so much easier than taking it through the regular entry door. It also allows you to place your bicycles inside the coach rather than having a bike carrier on the back of the camping trailer.

To find this type of storage you would usually have to have a camper that would exceed 35 feet in length. The 261 is under 32 feet long and only weighs approximately 6500 pounds. That makes this popular unit able to be towed by half ton pickup truck. Seeing how the half ton trucks are among the most popular vehicles sold, it makes this travel trailer even more popular.

There are many travel trailers for sale in the market today. If you are looking for a bunkhouse camper you would be making mistake if you didn’t make the Dutchmen 261 BHS travel trailer at least one of your considerations. I think you’ll find that want you look at this camper, that you will be quite pleased.