I like to take a few things with me when I go walking my dog.

Firstly I take a lead that attaches easily to the collar.  I have tried many leads and I don’t believe that the kind of lead makes much difference to the handling of the dog.  The best way to walk a dog with cooperation from your dog is to make sure he is well trained, which is something that needs to happen before you want to go on leisurely long walks, of course.

Secondly I like to take a pouch of treats.  Most dogs like to do a trick or two and even if not, they generally enjoy fetching a ball or frisbee.  I take a pouch of dried liver treats along because they are so perfectly doggy sized and they smell wonderful – to dogs!  I also pop a small thin rubber glove in the front of my fanny bag so that I don’t have to handle the treats, because to humans, unfortunately, they smell pretty… well… strong!!!

Thirdly I always take along a ball or frisbee.  Some dogs will go for whatever stick you can find lying about but mine prefers to go for his own toy, and of course if your dog isn’t into a ball or frisbee there are all sorts of throwing toys available from pet shops, and there’s something for every dog.

Fourthly I always take along a few dog waste bags.  Dog waste bags or dog poop bags are readily available today in shops and it’s especially easy to order them online, for instance from www.911savebeans.com – they even have free shipping.  Biodegradable dog poop bags are also available making it simpler for you to make an earth-friendly choice when it comes to cleaning up after your dog when you take him for a walk.