If you’re planning to make a state to state move, then you’re going to need the assistance of state to state movers. These highly skilled professionals have specialized skills and tools that simplify the entire process and remove the stress from making such a large move. However, with the overabundance of available moving companies, it’s hard to find the right mover for your relocation. To aid you in the process, I’ve put together a couple of crucial tips, which should make it easier for you to find the perfect state to state movers. Here are the tips:

Finding Great State to State Movers

  • Getting multiple quotes increases your chances of finding great state to state movers. Gather as many quotes as you can, so that you can compare and contrast the different companies, services available, and prices they offer. This will let you see who offers the services you need at a price you can afford. In addition to showing you what’s available, this will also allow you start a bidding war for your services, which will get you the best price for your move.
  • Extensive research will protect you from ending up with a rogue moving company. You need to find out as much as you can about the companies you’re interested in using, so that you get reputable state to state movers and not rogue movers. Scan through company websites, collect their licensing and contact information and then follow up to ensure that information is accurate. Also, call a few times to ask moving related questions, they should be able to provide answers without bouncing you around. Additionally, follow up your online and over-the-phone research with an in-person visit to the company’s facility so that you can personally gauge their professionalism, and the accuracy of their advertised information.
  • Check with the Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration to verify a company’s licensing and history. The PUC and the FMCSA regulate the moving industry, and they maintain detailed records on the licensing, insurance, and business practices of moving companies. If you have any question about the reputation of a company you’re interested in using, visit the website of one of the above mentioned organizations, or give them a call, and you can find out more information. The goal of those organizations is to protect consumers from companies operating outside of the law.

These are only a couple of tips, but they will help you make an educated decision as you pick a state to state mover. Make sure you do your due diligence, and for an additional resource you can also consult with the Better Business Bureau, another organization that ranks and rates companies. There are many great state to state movers out there, so don’t stress, your move will be an enjoyable, relaxing experience once you find the perfect moving company.