As travel destinations go, you won’t find a more exotic and spectacular one than Udaipur. Looking to visit the city? Check yourself into one of the resorts in Udaipur, and enjoy a dream vacation.

How about a luxury hotel located on the banks of Lake Pichola for your stay? You can enjoy great sunrises and sunsets as the star hotel is spread across 50 acres and offers many a vantage point. Checking yourself into one of the resorts here will give you an idea of what luxury is all about at every step, starting from the suites and rooms to the spa.

Rich experiences

  • The experiences on offer in Udaipur are worth the whole world. Imagine having dinner by the lake – as the sun slowly sets over the Pichola, sipping your favourite drink and spending time with your loved one! Or imagine a spa session overlooking the lake. Typically, high-end resorts offer many skin rejuvenation therapies involving Ayurvedic techniques.
  • A nice rejuvenation therapy would involve a two-and-a-half hour massage. A nice scrub and a bath of rose petals mixed in aromatic milk will make you feel fresh and alive to all the sensory experiences around you!
  • Most resorts in Udaipur also have excellent dining options, which include both local and international cuisine.
  • The resorts also reflect the magic of the royal era, and each architectural detail mirrors the splendour of Rajasthan and the glory of Mewari traditions. So, you will find private pools attached to your suite, latticed windows, splendorous chandeliers, arches, domes with more than a touch of gold, marble screens for privacy…the list of all that is exotic just goes on and on.
  • Imagine the cool shade of the frangipani and the cold touch of the marble, and Udaipur comes alive. A destination like Udaipur deserves something special.

A special destination, indeed

Still wondering what makes Udaipur special? It is a city full of lakes and palaces. One of the palaces is the City Palace, which is located atop a hill by the Pichola’s banks. Then there is the Monsoon Palace or Sajjan Garh, Sahelion ki Bari, which is a garden King Sangram Singh built for his daughter.

Apart from the Pichola, there is the Fateh Sagar lake, Udai Sagar lake, Rajsamand lake and the Jaisamand lake too. Udaipur is called the Venice of the East precisely because of this network of beautiful lakes. A holiday to this city is indeed going to be a premium and exotic experience.

When to visit

The best time to visit Udaipur is between October and early March, when the weather is pleasant. However, if you choose a fine resort, you will be protected from the vagaries of the weather. You may be required to visit Udaipur for a corporate or social event in the peak of summer, but the best amenities in a star hotel will ensure that you stay cool. Just opt for the best, and you will know what luxury is all about!