Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel and explore different parts of the world, with a camera in hand and a plane ticket in the other hand has become a severe disease and a never ending lust of wandering. However, not any harmful to anyone, wanderlust leads towards visiting new places, grasping instant knowledge, getting to know your fears, your weaknesses; it lets you enable the power of being independently happy and content.

By sitting back at home, you may have never imagined yourself on the heights doing bungee jumping, or hiking on the tallest mountains or wandering in the jungles alone, no right? But once you come out of your comfort zone and see what the world actually is in the eye of a traveller, you will get the real treat of adventure,

People who tend to travel more are known to be the risk takers and travel maniacs, whatever the situation may be, wanderlust increases the absolute risk of traveling to places you never thought you would ever hit.

At times, people were only restricted to see the travel brochures, some boring useless ads showing up cities in a complete fake style, or the travel agents who were continuously after them to make them have the travel crave. Thanks to the new era of travel blogs, articles and digital revolution that people are more likely to read their own heart and mind out and then planning their trip to certain places.

The ”want to be” travelers can now sit back on their armchair and just read more than 5000s of blogs on the internet to decide whose travel plan to follow. Wanderlust hits the one who has the true passion for traveling, consider it whatever but for travelers it is a true therapy.

At the end of the year, when you sit back and ask yourself, what great you have done this year? The answer could be that you have traveled miles just to say Hello to your friend in Amsterdam, or you visited your long distant living family in Melbourne, or you may have hiked at the top of the Everest Mountain, everything is an achievement when it comes to travel and breaking your comfort zone just to reach the place you never thought you would have reached.

So how much of the world have you explored? If not yet, then it’s time now to fly and forget all your troubles for the sake of your inner joy and peace.