Sometimes, people read my or other author’s articles and come to learn that people often cheat using their cell phones. So, the woman who suspects her man of cheating will usually eventually realize that she needs to get a hold of the phone to see what it can tell her or what clues it has to offer. But, it’s not uncommon for women in this situation to figure out that the guy has either hidden the main phone or perhaps has a “spare” phone hidden somewhere that is meant just for contacting the other person who they are cheating with. I’m often asked for common hiding places for such a phone. I’ll offer some in the following article.

Look For The Phone In His Car: Think about it for a second. He’s most likely to hide the phone in a place where he’s going to be alone to use it. And, he’s unlikely to put it some place out of the way which he can’t quickly get to. Men will often use their car to travel to the other person. And, many cars have a console or a glove compartment which can be locked. So this is a very and convenient place for him to hide it. If it’s not in the glove box or console, look under the seats or in the trunk.

His Office, Locker, The Gym, Or Backpack: A man will typically only hide something where he’s confident that you won’t find it. So, him hiding it at home or in a place where he shares with you is not as likely as him placing it somewhere that you don’t check out too often. Examples are his office, his locker (in his gym or school,) or a briefcase or back pack that he carries with him all the time.

The Garage Or Work Shop: If you’ve thought about places away from your home and have ruled them out, then think about where in your home he often spends his time alone, even if this seems innocent enough. This can be an area of your home like in the garage, in his work space, on the lanai where he likes to go out to relax. Think about where regularly goes on a daily or regular basis because he’ll usually be smart enough not to develop new habits that will raise your suspicions.

Think about this too. He may be keeping it in two places. Because, at some point, it’s going to need to be charged. He can’t keep it away from electricity forever. So he may have some place outside or in his car where he keeps it most of the time. But he’s likely to have somewhere at home or in his office where he’s also keeping the charger and is eventually recharging it.

Finally, some men are smart enough to buy the exact same phone that they normally use to carry out their cheating. So, if he has say a blackberry or an iPhone for regular use, then he might get the exact same phone so that when he’s using it right in front of you, alarm bells don’t go off.