In the recent decade or so, the use of private air cargo service companies has emerged as a very profitable business. The demand for private freight shipping services is mostly due to the fact that business today is highly dependent on the timeliness of the delivery of goods. Though the chartered services cost more, the demand for air cargo services is growing steadily. This makes air cargo service an excellent opportunity to start your own business if you are interested in this line, as you could be successful no matter whether you launch it on a small scale or a large scale.

When you are in this business, everything depends upon placement because the large freight shipping companies do not fly to every single destination. Different companies in different fields of study require regular air transportation; these companies include mining companies, geological companies, archeological companies, and many others. Be aggressive in your strategies for marketing and offer terms they cannot refuse, giving yourself a long term lease while maintaining a reasonable profit.

This is an excellent time to start your own air cargo business, as the demand for cargo service companies is rising rapidly. This could be music to the ears of those who have worked in or have retired from the flying services sector. Since the market condition for air cargo services is highly favorable, you could start your business on a very small scale, even with one or two bi-planes, and grow from there through the profits accrued. To establish your company quickly, market and advertise yourself as a cargo agent very assertively.

There are three major factors that influence the successful setting up of a cargo service business. These is an inherent love for flying, at least one plane (does not matter if it is small), and an excellent strategy for marketing and advertising. If you have all these ingredients, then you will be able to easily establish yourself as a profitable air cargo service. You will find that there are a growing number of people who are shifting from the regular air freight shipping companies to private ones because of their availability, flexibility, and access to extreme locations. And, in slow business times, your business could alternate as a flying club.